An island in a day / Two islands in a day

Each of the Aeolian Islands has a unique vibe. Taking a day to explore one is a real opening to discovery, a moment to savor. It is also possible to combine a visit to two islands on the same day, by simply shortening the transfers. The archipelago is in the shape of a “Y” and Salina is at its very heart, which makes it the perfect home base to explore the other islands.

Visiting Filicudi and Alicudi is like travelling back in time. Very few houses, no shops, no cars, no noise, just the beauty of the intense blue and soothing green of the Mediterranean islands.

Lipari and Vulcano are the closest to mainland Sicily and are therefore the liveliest. Lipari is in fact a small city, with all the main services. Its old town is charming and rich in history. Vulcano’s mud baths and black beaches are a great local tourist attraction. The coastlines of both these islands boast some spots of outstanding natural beauty.

Panarea is the most ‘luxurious’ of the islands, with elegant restaurants and hotels, but it also comprises a cluster of smaller islands that form a truly incredible variety of landscapes and seascapes, to be visited both by boat and underwater. Stromboli is an active volcano, with black sandy beaches, two very charming villages and the classic smoking cone shape of the perfect volcano.